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In the parish of Daviot & Dunlichity

Daviot / Dunlichity Newsletter

As you all know, April was rather a difficult month for the members of Daviot & Dunlichity Church, as towards the end of the month, we had the final service at Dunlichity church as a Church of Scotland building. It was a very poignant service, but we ended in a spirit of hope for the future, and we sincerely believe that something good will come from this closure – when one door closes, a window opens! – a window of opportunity.

In the meantime, we concentrate on what is happening at Daviot. We are always looking at ways to make the building more open and attractive to locals and visitors alike. It is difficult when there is no-one there permanently to keep it open at all times (insurance would have a fit if we did!) but we are open to ideas about how we can make the building more available and more of a natural meeting place for people. One way we are planning to do this, is to hold special mid-week services over the year.  Anyone who has been in the church will know that we have four beautiful wall hangings depicting the four seasons on the back wall, on either side of the pulpit. These were created by the late Mrs Jan Sutherland, of the Crown Church. The one for summer and is entitled HOPE. Our service for hope will be held on the evening of 30th July at 6.30pm. There will be one in September for autumn and one in December for winter. The spring one will be in the new year – the date to follow.

We also intend to have some concerts in the church – the acoustics are exceptional. One that is confirmed is when Alistair MacDonald, (TV and folk singer) will have a concert in the church. However, this is not until October and we need ideas for events in the meantime. Eileen Mackintosh, American wife of a former member now living in Fortrose, will give a concert – details of when, to follow. She is a beautiful opera singer and amazing to listen to – it too should be something very special.  We would also like to arrange an organ recital at some time.  However, what we would really like to showcase would be local talent, of which there is an abundance. Suggestions would be very welcome.

Here at Daviot, we have an active Guild. Now, it has appeared in the past that the Guild, was the Women’s Guild, capable only of making tea and cakes.  Nowadays, the Guild is open to everybody, and because here our numbers tend to be rather small, we would love for more people to join us. We have a really varied programme planned for the coming months, so if you are at all interested please get in touch with Jacqui Thomson, on 01463 771857.

You would be absolutely amazed at how much, even we at Daviot, can contribute to national and international projects. The result of just a few working for others is absolutely amazing.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the variety of people who come so faithfully to lead us in morning worship. Our Interim Moderator, Rev Robert Brookes from Cawdor and Croy, is also very supportive. He can be reached on 01667 404686, or email RBrookes@churchofscotland.org.uk.  And if anyone is interested in accessing the church at any time, please get in touch with Mrs Sandra Rennie on 01808 521233, or 07788 235377, or Mrs Kathleen Matheson on 01808 521767, or 07801 634357. If we know you are coming, we will have the kettle on, and a biscuit ready for you.