February2021 My dearfriends, Aswe wander through life in this time of a pandemic, during the last year it hasbeen one of mixed emotions…of highs and lows. One day you can feel fineand then suddenly as one lady told an interviewer, “I have sat down and criednot realising I was releasing such an emotion of sadness.” I am sure many of ushave felt like this at times.
I wastold of such sad words the other day from someone who attended church, “I havenot missed religion during the last year.” As we go through life, the darknessof lockdown, the pandemic has changed us. For some, they feel stronger infaith, while others have become unsure, scared, and have many questions theyneed answering. We have all at some time or other found the past year difficult.It’s during these times, I have called upon friends and family to raise myspirits, praying to God, seeking His help. If it was not for my faith, believingthat God hears my prayers, I am not sure how I could have managed. For me,faith, the church family, knowing I am not alone, that we are all experiencingroughly the same thing…seems to help.
Todayas I write this letter to you. I am wondering what is it, you are needing? Whatare you doing to help yourself go from hour to hour, day to day? What are youmissing and requiring? I was told by a friend; “I need my church and how I ammissing worshipping with my church family.” Another asked me, will thechurch ever re-open? I gave a firm answer, yes, I believe it shall. What I donot know is, when and what shall the church look like when it does. We cannotgo back to what was, for we have all changed in some way or other. Church willlook differently while still being in the same place where we can gathertogether as friends and part of the family of God. Church will still be theplace where we can receive strength, for when God’s people come together, wehelp each other to face the uncertainties of life. Our church building, overthe decades has been a holy place where people have come to worship God as theygo through the stresses and strains of life. As the doors remain closed at themoment, there will come a time when we are able to open the doors wide, andallow the fresh air in. For me, this is exciting, for I believe, as the Spiritof God enters our building it shall be at the centre of our worshippinglife…The Spirit shall bring a new beginning for our church and I hope that thiswill be a start of new chapter. For the church to move forward it needs yourhelp. We cannot re-open the church when the time comes without the assistanceof those who gather. The Church needs your help, and it needs people to saythis is my church and I want to be part of it. I want to not simply come toworship on a Sunday, I want to help in the renewal of it…as the Spirit of Godblows through the doors, I want to say, “I can feel His presence andlove.”
Thisis a letter not simply about a reminder about your church building and family, andthat it needs your help, it’s about asking how you are and what you areneeding. What do you require and how can the church family help you? Overthe last year I have been preaching that we are not alone, that we are alltogether and God is with us, I still believe this.
Godbless you, and please remember your Church family in your prayers…for we needGod to give us a vision and lead us forth into a bright new day. Nothing can bedone without having God at the centre. We need His help, and He needs to hearus say, help us, for we need You. He is the one who shall lead us forward. As weneed God, we need to tell each other how we need our church and His love.
Blessingsto you and your family
Keepsafe and well.